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I recently had a situation where my newly installed Rescue Step helped rescue a fisherman. I was fishing with two brothers on my boat on the Lehigh River in Eastern Pennsylvania in May. I had a large trout on my line and I asked the one brother to net my fish. When he reached over the side of the boat to net the fish he lost his balance and fell in. After a short period of chaos, we were able to get the frightened angler to the side of the boat. I guided him to the rear transom where he was able to easily step back into the boat on the Rescue Step.
I want to thank you for producing a fine quality saftey tool that worked perfectly when we needed it. Tom Gyory

Thomas R Gyory

Slatington, PA

I was quite fortunate to “win” a Rescue Step that your company donated and was raffled off at our Knee Deep Fishing Club meeting this winter. Ed’s experience resulting in the creation of the Rescue Step re-entry ladder had a strong impact on many of us. We also enjoyed your interesting and informative presentation of the manufacture and use of the Rescue Step re-entry ladder.

I’m an enthusiastic fisherman and waterfowl hunter. I very often fish and hunt with my dog Otter as my only company. Two years ago I had the experience of falling out of my duck boat while setting decoys late in October. Fortunately the water, although frigid, was shallow enough for me to stand and walk to shore. The experience made me realize how dangerous it would be if the water had been too deep to stand and I was unable to get back into my boat.

Attached is a photograph of me and Otter-Dog, taking advantage of the summer weather to practice boarding my boat with the RESCUE STEP re-entry ladder.

Please thank Ed and the entire crew at Rescue Step for the very well made and potentially life saving Rescue Step™ re-entry ladder.

Don Gardner & Otter-Dog

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